dimanche 24 octobre 2010

#01 Trap & Zoïd

Direct le 24/10/2010 de 19h à 20h / Redif le 14/11/2010

"Ce dimanche 24 octobre nous recevons le bxlois Trap&Zoïd qui nous présentera son synthé modulaire portatif et différents projets auxquels il participe dont le groupe"Kriminal Hammond Inferno""

Trap & Zoid is formerly a one-human electronic solo project. It's based on a simple constrain : one take live recording and no mix nor overdub. The only postprocessing allowed is cut and fade to select and to compile the tracks. This way of working stimulates immediate instant creativity and leads to a music that is trully antipodal to most usual electronic releases.

The sound is very present and spontaneous, not really easy listening.
It's raw, wild, dark, alive... and it's just next to you !
Heady melodies and drones install some hypnotic environments, creating an unique sonic universe, while organic sounds and noises summon unexpected weird entities.

T&Z's first opus "cosmic microwave background radiation" is available on Clinical Archives.
For free. 

Clinical Archives succesfully released an EMS Synthi compilation, "The Synthi Group Vol.1", featuring the trapezoidal track "gnomes evasion".
For free too.

Vol. 2 is now available, trapezoidal contribution with a track of La Guerre Des Boutons : "6ème sens giratoire".
Free download again...

Djp and Boeuf Stroganoff are kind (and/or mad) enough to enjoy some collaboration with T&Z. The result is La Guerre Des Boutons.

More incriminating evidences can be found in the "socialization attempts" album.

kriminalTrap & Zoid is Doktor K. Zoog, doing slice and dice brain surgery in Kriminal Hammond Inferno, a 3 members Hammond/drums duo.